Meet Sabrina Medora—food writer, Harry Potter addict, Top Chef enthusiast, voracious eater, influential Instagrammer, nap advocate.


Everything I am is a direct result of the stories I have read and told. From reading the same children’s books over and over again with my grandmother, to losing myself in the Harry Potter series in search of friendships that lasted through many childhood moves, to writing furiously to keep my own sanity after spending hours at a job I hated. There is always tremendous comfort in the escapism that imagination provides.

The years have taught me that where there is great imagination, there is greater curiosity. My curiosity happens to be drawn to the swinging doors of kitchens. And, so, I adventure behind those doors, talking to chefs, line cooks, bartenders, etc. And I write.

I write about souls who toil over stoves. I write about hands that dexterously chop, wash, season, and serve. I write about minds and tongues that compel artistry from ingredients.

There is no greater professional joy for me than to share their stories with the world because these stories transform a faceless restaurant into a personal connection. They add meaning to an Instagram-worthy meal on a plate. They attribute immeasurable hard work and creativity to an otherwise mindless experience. They form communities. I believe there is no better community than the one we build over sharing a plate of food and the understanding of where it came from.

– Sabrina