“Written with an expert hand, words can be are our most powerful assets.”

– Sabrina Medora, Owner & Chief Editorial Officer

Welcome to The Sabrina Medora Agency, your hub for innovative brand storytelling in food, beverage, and hospitality.

Our writers and editors are industry experts, bringing their experienced perspectives to persuasive storytelling. Our editorial services include the following.

Each client project has a dedicated team of project managers and lead writers to deliver a customized content experience that befits the client’s needs and goals. Custom images and design services are available as add-ons to any project.

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Brand Information (about, history, innovation, timelines, projections, etc.)
Blog Posts
Company News (case studies, charitable initiatives, company profiles, investor information, press releases, white papers, etc.)
Direct Sales Emails
How To's and Use Guides
Paid Social Media Advertising
Product Descriptions
Recipes (with and without headnotes)
Video Scripts
Website Pages