Josh Meyer, Co-Founder Got IT Digital

“The great thing about working with Sabrina is that she understands the overall picture online. It’s so often that I work with a social media manager who doesn’t understand paid media, or a copywriter who doesn’t understand SEO. It’s very frustrating. But Sabrina truly understands the relationship between the various media, how to focus on those that are most important for your particular business, and how to analyze their success. She can tell your brand’s story in a way that is meaningful to real people and based on real world data. She’s organized, a true professional, and knowledgeable which is why I am always looking to utilize her talents where I can.”

Thomas Kubik, TK Photography

“We love working with Sabrina! Sabrina has always give us a clear outline of goals and shots on our job for The Berghoff, Sabrina gave us a mood board for the photography and a clearly defined shot list. On shoot days Sabrina was onsite to make sure everything went smoothly. She is direct and confident while maintaining a friendly professional atmosphere. It was great to work with her and have her there to discuss things with the clients. You could tell she had a good working relationship with the owners and the chefs at the restaurant which made the shoot that much more relaxed and fun!”

Christine Pundavela, Choose Chicago

“Being as assertive and adept as she is, Sabrina had no problem jumping right into the work we contracted her for our website. She integrated into our marketing team and coordinated with people across multiple departments with ease. Because of her understanding of the restaurant industry, her knowledge came through in the writing. I also appreciated her research skills, as she not only became familiar with our brand and style guide, but also furthered her expertise in other areas such as catering, private events, meetings and conventions.”

Chicagogrammers, Chicago's Influencer Marketing Community

“Sabrina Medora is the consummate professional. Her attention to detail, knowledge of the industry and tailored strategy approach guarantees that she will always do what is best for her clients and their brand. Further, her passion for the work shines through in all that she does, and is contagious, making her an absolute joy as a partner. Chicagogrammers absolutely loves working with her, as we know each experience will exceed our members’ expectations and give the background and history they need to craft compelling Instagram marketing.”

Pete Berghoff, The Berghoff Restaurant

“It quickly became apparent Sabrina really knew how to reach the market in multiple ways, effectively and equally important verifiably. Her market and technological knowledge far exceeded that of our current advisor. Effectively the program and direction that Sabrina was proposing was a path she knew how to follow as she had the expertise and experience in what I would consider to be current and emerging market trends in how to effectively promote the restaurant both in print and electronic media.. She has a very, very good grip on FB and Instagram, an equal grip on finding the right people to guide us in Website design and maintenance, and Google SEO.”

Colleen A. Silk, The Berghoff Restaurant Consultant

“Before we officially brought Sabrina on board, I knew our brand and business would be safe in her creative, capable hands. Not only did we appreciate her knowledge of social media, but her thoughtful plan on how to create and execute a new marketing strategy seamlessly into our already functioning business. Sabrina’s attention to detail and honest opinion of what she believes will or won’t work for us, is highly appreciated. We have been in business for 120 years and it is important for us to succeed, and to do so we need the right people on our team. Sabrina is one of those team members who helps us do just that.”

Jessica Scholkowfsky, Folkart Restaurant Management
Director of Operations

“Sabrina was professional, organized and provided valuable social media insight to Folkart. We appreciated her strategic approach to boosting our social media presence across new and existing accounts.”

Rachel Rischall, Folkart Restaurant Management PR

“Sabrina brings analytical rigor to social media, combining her talent for data measurement with strong writing skills. She’s organized, professional and committed to her craft.”

Kirsten Opsahl, Director of H2 Public Relations

“Sabrina is a rare breed of rockstar journalist.”